Digital Tools for Inclusive Housing

Our vision is to see equal access to digitalization tools and implementation services that improve transparency and accountability for the efficient management and scaling of affordable housing construction programs.

Capacity Building for Construction Industry

Empowering the construction industry through capacity building. Our initiatives include research and advocacy for construction workers, a national digital registry, equal access to a digitized job marketplace, and innovative skills development. We're transforming the industry with training and knowledge dissemination.

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Pre- and Post-Disaster Assessments & Reconstruction of the Built Environment

Guiding recovery and resilience in the built environment. Our endeavors span tech-supported post-disaster assessments, scaling safe reconstruction of housing. A National Digital Registry organizes labor, and resiliency assessments fortify structures pre-disaster. We digitize sustainable building requirements, empowering the workforce for resilience and sustainable growth.

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Advance Digitization and Tech Adoption in Emerging Markets

Empowering emerging markets through technology. Our strategies encompass value chain digitization, SME access to micro-loans, data-driven financial inclusion, AI-assisted credit scoring, and innovative housing solutions. We report on impactful outcomes, driving affordable housing development forward with innovation and accessibility at the forefront.

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Why is our work important?
Housing is recognized as a fundamental human right yet millions still lack access to safe, secure, and dignified shelter
Approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide lack adequate housing, and over 100 million people are homeless
Around 1 billion people live in slums or informal settlements with inadequate access to basic services
An estimated 1 in 8 people globally live in conditions with overcrowding, poor sanitation, and substandard housing
By 2050, two-thirds of the global population is projected to live in urban areas, putting additional pressure on housing resources
Many housing structures are not built to withstand climate-related disasters, putting communities at risk
A significant portion of the global population lacks access to affordable housing financing options
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