About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is equal access to digitalization tools and implementation services that improve transparency and accountability for the efficient management and scaling of affordable housing construction programs (of any shape and size anywhere in the world).

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate access to the digital tools and services that accelerate affordable housing production. To do so, we will:

  • facilitate partnerships that support the digitization of programs and stakeholders engaged in affordable housing construction to improve transparency and accountability;
  • identify opportunities where organizations or programs are not able to afford digitization tools and implementation services necessary to scale;
  • develop partnerships that support technical innovation and data sharing to uncover and advance strategic industry insights to improve affordable housing access;
  • support workforce development initiatives that improve access to jobs, skills, and equitable pay for workers through implementation of digital platforms.

Our Team

Nancy Welsh

Executive Director

Adam Sgrenci

Program Specialist

Patrick Tayne

UX/UI Designer

iBUILD Global Foundation
8 The Green, Suite 300 Dover, DE 19901
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